Seychelles Politics as Coming Presidential Elections Raises Expectations

Seychelles Politics as Coming Presidential Elections Raises ExpectationsVictoria, Mahé (Seychelles) – March 2, 2020 ( – “If you want to test a person’s character, give him or her power” said Alain St.Ange, the President of One Seychelles political party that is set for the first time to contest the coming Presidential elections.

St.Ange and his political party made this remark as Seychelles sees an increase of keyboard warriors using fake profiles on Social Media.

“Politicians must always remember to lead by example. Hiding behind fake profiles to assassinate the character of their fellows is a clear reflection of their leadership style, their priorities and their ethics.

Be that as it may, their relentless attempts to attack our One Seychelles party on social media platforms only serve to propel our video messages further into the ambit of the opposition voters (a free service for which we are grateful).

We will continue to speak out against the issues that MATTER, while others continue with their cheap politics and demonstrate to the public that they have exhausted their skills and have little else of value to offer the Nation.

Our goals are to restore civility, fair play, truth and respect. We are seeking to expel corruption, abuses of power, complicity, hypocrisy, deceit and fraud.

We are seeking EQUALITY for Seychellois and real enforcement of the rule of law.

We are tired of arbitrary exercises of power by the Government of the day, plans for tunnels or trains which do not reflect the real needs of the people, glaring monopolies such as IDC which are pointedly ignored by the other politicians, blatant preferences for foreigners over equally qualified and experienced Seychellois in key posts, and the pervasive silencing of the youth across the board.

For the politicians who cannot get on board with these goals, they need to get out of our way” said Alain St.Ange in a post by One Seychelles.

Comments on the post has been overwhelming said a spokesman for One Seychelles showing clearly that the people if Seychelles expects better from politicians and political parties.

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