One Seychelles and Alain St Ange Launch Zilwa Publication

One Seychelles and Alain St Ange Launch Zilwa Publication - ALAIN-ST-ANGEA.J. Liebling once famously said, “freedom of press is limited to those who own one.” And now we do. Our very own Zilwa Publication shall disseminate to the public straight, accurate and fair political news. In the upcoming national elections, Seychellois shall exercise their right to choose.

Their freedom of choice requires as its foundation access to all the relevant facts. We shall ensure that all the cards are being laid out on the table for the electorate. The facts shall not be sugar-coated, nor shall pertinent issues that are being pointedly ignored by other politically-aligned forms of media be glossed over. No matter which way the votes swing in the upcoming elections, Seychellois have a duty to ensure that their ultimate decision is a fully-informed one.

With a small population such as ours, each and every vote can and shall make a difference. We implore young voters to ensure that they are properly registered to vote; the government that shall be elected in the end shall be making decisions that would inevitably affect or impact the lives of the youth. The youth needs to ensure that their voices are heard. Your vote is your voice; make it count.

Politicians or aspiring leaders must hold themselves to the highest possible standard, and must always lead by example. We shall not follow in the shallow and muddy footsteps of others by launching smear campaigns on social media. This sort of behavior is reserved for those who have lost sight, or perhaps those who never had sight, of what it means to be a true leader.

Our actions shall forever separate us from the pack. Our Zilwa Publication shall shed light on the issues that are silenced, and shall bring the topical issues to the forefront, no matter how controversial.

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