Alain St. Ange: Happy Constitution Day to Each and Every Seychellois

Alain St. Ange - Happy Constitution Day to Each and Every Seychellois - VISIT SEYCHELLESVictoria, Mahé, Seychelles, June 18, 2020 – Happy Constitution Day to each and every Seychellois. Although our Constitution gives us the right to to pursue happiness, we have to catch it for ourselves (Benjamin Franklin).

We are striving for a Government of National Unity, and to put an end to the cheap ‘ek nou, pa ek nou’ politics that have been perpetuated by politicians that thrive on division, for far too long.

Voting is our right. Do not let it be denied to you for any reason. Please verify that you are properly registered to vote in the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Be ever mindful that voting as you did in previous elections will only give you the same results you are witnessing today. Seychelles needs innovative and firm measures to be implemented NOW by a skilled technocrat Government in order to save our weak economy.

Only One Seychelles has the capacity and the willpower to implement the changes that desperately need to be put in place to boost our tourism, fisheries and agriculture industries.

Our election manifesto shall be made public next week. We look forward to meeting you in the districts as we continue with our relentless daily campaign efforts. We are humbled by all those, no matter what flag they have flown above their houses for years, who welcome us into their homes and agree to support us and to work with us to make this year the year of real change.

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