One Seychelles Reveals Six More Parliamentary Candidates

One Seychelles Reveals Six More Parliamentary Candidates - Alain St Ange - VisitSeychelles.orgFollowing the successful launch last week on La Digue of the One Seychelles’ National Assembly Candidates for Praslin and La Digue (inner islands), this week the Party activists gathered on Mahe in the presence of members of the Press to announce six candidates representing districts around Mahe – specifically, candidates representing Anse Boileau, Bel Air, Glacis, Perseverance, Pointe Larue and Port Glaud.

Alain St. Ange expressed his disgust and condemnation of bullying tactics being employed by insecure members of rival camps following last week’s launch, saying that some of their candidates, including those whose nominations are yet to be formally announced to the public, have been harassed and denigrated on social media and, appallingly, on their own doorsteps. He pointed out that such tactics have only served to backfire on the parties who employ them – particularly in the case of the public figure who accosted a candidate in her own home and in the presence of her family members, friends and neighbours [not once but twice] – because the actions of these political parties only serve to reveal their true colours to the electorate, and to alienate more and more voters.

Mr. St.Ange noted that while all politicians espouse publicly the value of democracy and the freedom of choice for Seychellois, some of their actions indicate quite the opposite. The strong-arm tactics that are being rolled out by representatives of key political parties, including the Ruling party, are being documented and shall be furnished to the Electoral Commission as soon as possible. He added that at least one candidate thus far has been informed by a high-ranking official that his job security could not be guaranteed if he agreed to run as a ONE SEYCHELLES Parliamentary candidate.

Mr. St.Ange stated, “These acts are highly irresponsible. Both our Perseverance and Pointe Larue Candidates were targeted directly by key political figures, but remain strong and committed to their goal.” He firmly reminds these politicians of his zero tolerance for bullying behaviour and cheap politics, and expresses his desire that everyone remains focused and committed to the goal of ensuring that the 2020 elections are fair, democratic, transparent and safe for all Seychellois. No one should feel frightened to exercise their Constitutional right to participate in politics, nor should their job security in this day and age be called into question because of their political persuasion.

“Seychelles has long outgrown displays of toxic politics such as these,” Mr. St.Ange said, “but it is a real pity that some politicians and their followers are still clinging on to the old way of doing things because that is the only way they know.”

The ONE SEYCHELLES political party today proudly announced their following six candidates:

• Ms Dorina Vidot for Anse Boileau;
• Mr. Dieter Dugasse for Glacis;
• Mr. Bernard St.Ange for Perseverance;
• Ms Maryline Zita Marie for Pointe Larue;
• Mr. Brian Soumery for Port Glaud; and
• Mr. Steve Denis for Bel Air.

These individuals are no strangers to their fellow residents in their respective districts; they are familiar faces within their communities and have come highly recommended by many of their community members. Alain St.Ange expressed that he holds each of these candidates in high regard and respects each of them immensely as he has been walking the districts alongside them for some time and has seen first-hand how passionate they are about effecting real change for their district and how committed they are to making the Party’s plans and policies (as outlined in our Manifesto) a reality.

He commented that they would be invaluable assets to the National Assembly, as each candidate has a unique quality to bring to the table. He stated that Dorina Vidot is a force to be reckoned with and will champion the voice of the marginalized and the oppressed, as she has been accustomed to doing for many years;

Dieter Dugasse is capable and vocal, and will not sugar-coat a problem that needs fixing, nor will he shy away from a difficult issue that needs addressing;

Bernard St.Ange is a notable sportsman and has been defending and promoting the interests of the youth in his district for many years;

Maryline Zita Marie is compassionate and will bring a human touch to what have been traditionally clinical and impersonal assessments and debates of issues in the Legislative that affect or impact the lives of Seychellois;

Brian Soumery is hard-working and dedicated, known for putting the needs of others before his own; and

Steve Denis a passionate and accomplished sportsman, with a wealth of experience in public health and, more recently, in tourism – he is a friend to all in Bel Air and is a respected and active member of the community.

These members gladly joined forces with ONE SEYCHELLES due to their deep distrust in, and dissatisfaction with, the LDS and US leadership and their misplaced priorities and outdated values, which meant that the lesser privileged members of society were being increasingly sidelined and oppressed, poverty rates were ever on the increase and little of substance was being done to alleviate the suffering of people who had blindly voted these politicians into power time and time again.

They stated that their confidence and faith in the ONE SEYCHELLES leadership and belief in the Party’s values and ideologies were absolute, and they are committed to the cause.

The Vice-Presidential candidate of One Seychelles, Mr Peter Sinon, thanked and welcomed the candidates on board to be the voice of the people in one of the three arms of government. He congratulated those candidates who stood their ground despite being harassed and threatened for wanting to exercise their democratic rights and stand to represent their respective districts. Mr Sinon ended by reiterating the paramount objective of the prospective MNA to diligently be the “voice of their respective constituency electorates whilst putting Seychelles and Seychellois first in all that they do. ”

Both Mr. Peter Sinon and Mr. Alain St.Ange emphasized the need for their candidates to never forget their duty to their district – if elected, these candidates must always strive to act in the best interests of their district residents (all residents, whether or not they voted for the candidate or not in the elections) and in the National interest. They must never follow in the footsteps of past MNAs who disappeared behind the tinted windows of their chauffeur-driven vehicles once the elections were over; they must continue to be regular features in their districts, meeting with the people as often as possible in order to hear their struggles and concerns first-hand.

The candidates expressed that Seychellois deserve better; they deserve a fresh approach to governance, free from discriminatory acts within Government. The candidates indicated their eagerness to make a positive difference to the lives of Seychellois. They iterated that old ways cannot open new doors, and Seychelles is ready for a fresh start, with fresh, motivated and capable people at the helm.

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