Alain St. Ange Welcomes You!

Former Tourism Minister of the Seychelles

Alain St. Ange Welcomes You!Seychelles remains the idyllic mid-ocean group of islands blessed to be a year round tourism destination.

Tourism in Seychelles started in earnest in 1972 with the opening of the island’s International Airport by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as the Seychelles remained a British Colony right up to 1976. James Mancham, the founding father of the Seychelles is remembered as the charismatic personality who pushed the tourism agenda and was a passenger on the first BOAC Super VC10 flight on the 4th July 1971 that opened the Seychelles International Airport for commercial flights.

The Tourism Industry of Seychelles then recorded the appointment of Alain St.Ange as the Minister who impacted the growth of the industry to new heights.

Alain St.Ange was the former Tourism Minister of the Seychelles who aspired to fly the Seychelles Flag at the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) if the island’s bid for the position of Secretary General had not been abruptly withdrawn.

Alain St Ange has been working in the tourism business all his working life and in Government services since 2009. He was appointed as the Director of Marketing for Seychelles by the island’s President. After one year of service, he was promoted to the position of CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board before being appointed Minister of Tourism & Culture by President James Michel in 2012. He was one of two Ministers appointed outside party affiliation of the ruling party to help redress the island’s economy.

In 2012 the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organization was formed and St.Ange was elected as the First President of that Regional Organisation (Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands – Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comoros and Mayotte) and he remains the only one who was elected to serve a second back-to-back mandate.

Tourism was and remains St.Ange’s life and passion and he steered that industry with style, passion and utmost devotion. In 2016 Alain St.Ange was re-appointed by President Danny Faure as Minister of Tourism. Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine. He continues to be a sought after speaker on the International Circuit and is admired for his ability to deliver ‘off the cuff’ speeches.

Alain St.Ange is a Tourism Consultant heading the “Saint Ange Consultancy” and is responsible for the widely distributed weekly “Saint Ange Tourism Report”.

He is also the President of the “One Seychelles” Political Party and preparing for the party to contest the 2020 Presidential Elections and the following National Assembly Elections. Alain St.Ange served in the island’s People’s Assembly in 1979 after winning the elections for the La Digue electoral constituency and again re-entered the National Assembly in 2002 after winning the elections for the Bel Air electoral constituency as an Opposition Candidate.

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