Alain St.Ange Issues Message on Occasion of 1st May Workers Day

Alain St.Ange Issues Message on Occasion of 1st May Workers Day - - TRAVELINDEXVictoria, Mahé, May 1, 2022 / 1st May is marked in the Community of Nations as Workers Day and it was the opportunity for Alain St. Ange of the Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy to call on everyone to stand united, even more than ever before, to overcome the challenges of 2022 which will flow into 2023 and beyond

In his Workers Day message 2022 Mr. St. Ange said that as the world was getting to better understand Covid-19 and its challenges, we are today all faced with the Russia – Ukraine war and the effects arising form it that is set to be felt for much longer than anyone can predict. “The need for everyone to pull his or her weight in any position one has is today so important. Your family, your country, your continent and the world depend on your dedication and commitment.

We are all workers and we must all appreciate that our own responsibilities keep the economic chain solid and alive. Be it the Manager or the Cleaner, the Captain or the Deck Hand, the Big Boss, the Director or the Desk Officer we are all needed today more than ever before to keep the economy moving and guarantee a plate of food on the table for our respective families’.

Let us remain united and tackle the challenges as one” said Alain St. Ange from his base in the Seychelles as he echoed Happy 1st May to each and everyone.

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