The Real Campaigning of One Seychelles

The Real Campaigning of One Seychelles - Alain St AngeVictoria, Mahé, Seychelles, June 2, 2020 – The real campaigning of One Seychelles is not what is seen on social media; it is what happens daily in the districts as we tirelessly visit house after house, family after family.

No two houses are the same, but similar struggles and suffering are being experienced by most. The root of their hardships, more often than not, is the Government of the day, which has consistently and repeatedly disappointed and betrayed its Country and all those who elected these public officers into Office, through overt abuses of power, blatant greed, and abysmally poor administration.

Our commitment to the cause involves personal sacrifices, countless hours spent in the gruelling sun, walking tirelessly through the districts, all in a bid to see for ourselves the harsh realities being faced by so many Seychellois families on a daily basis.

We dedicate time to hear everyone’s story, to see their living conditions and to witness for ourselves their hardships, because their plight has been ignored or cast aside by our elected leaders since they came into power.

To be welcomed into someone’s home is a humbling experience. For people to engage with us and listen to what we have to offer is always rewarding, and we have much to take away from each home we visit.

We are so grateful to the great number of people who not only give us a moment of their precious time, but also express willingness to join forces with us and to commit themselves to our common cause, which is to bring about the real change Seychellois have been, for the past few decades, crying out for.

With each house we visit, our resolve is strengthened. We are not complacent to sit idly by while decisions are made by those who are ill-suited and not particularly qualified to make these decisions; decisions which ultimately serve to bind us all and impact our livelihoods and quality of life.

We have more to offer our Nation than our current leaders do. We have planned our way forward and are working to debunk a system of governance that is clearly not viable and that has not been working for years.

We have a team of qualified Seychellois who are ready, capable and willing to take the reigns following this year’s elections. Unlike other political parties, key positions will NOT be given to ‘friends’ or to only those who have blindly served the Party for decades; these positions have already been earmarked for individuals who are deserving of the role, who are qualified and best suited for the role.

Unlike other political parties, who have not thought beyond the elections, we have already developed a real and comprehensive plan on how to properly and competently manage the Country if we are elected into Office. We are ready to take the helm and to form a Government of National Unity, encompassing technocrats from all ends of the political divide.

The question that remains is:

Are you ready for a real, positive change in 2020? Because we certainly are.

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