Praslin Business Association Congratulates Alain St. Ange

Praslin Business Association Congratulates Alain St. Ange - ALAIN ST ANGE - ONE SEYCHELLESPraslin, Seychelles, October 9, 2020 — The Office of The Chairman of Praslin Business Association (PBA), on behalf of its members, extend a merited congratulations to Mr. Alain St.Ange on occasion of receiving the International Tourism Award.

Alain St.Ange’s long list of accolades and contributions to the field of tourism were cited, with the Organization finally concluding; Mr. St. Ange is currently co-chair of Project Hope, an African initiative in response to the COVID pandemic. He has worked day and night for so many years for the better of the tourism industry and has been seen speaking at events around the globe. Mr. St.Ange brought not only himself, but the reputation of his Country to become a leading force in international tourism. Friends with all, enemies with none is what drives Mr. St. Ange in the love of this industry. He truly deserves his prominent seat.

Mr. St. Ange has received numerous awards and honours, including the Mahatma Gandhi Honour Award (2014) for his work in strengthening Indo-Seychelles relations, a Plaque of Honour from the House of Lords in London (2015), and the Tourism Eminent Achiever Award in Africa (2015). He has also authored and co-authored several books about Seychelles.

For Seychelles, Mr. St.Ange rebuilt the tourism marketing model for Seychelles while he was Minister of Tourism, which resulted in unprecedented tourism growth and wealth creation, making Seychelles a leader in tourism marketing strategy with heightened visibility of one of the Worlds most isolated destinations .

During one carnival national promotion 147 international journalists landed in Seychelles with hundreds of cameras and countless pens to cover the island destination, showcasing the carnival des Seychelles, our exceptional beaches, mountains, sea life, bird life and unique Seychellois people and culture.

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